About IACA

XXVII International Association for Caribbean Archaeology
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands July 23-29, 2017


The I.A.C.A. is a group of professional archaeologists, amateur archaeologists, and individuals interested in the archaeology of the Caribbean. Member research extends throughout the Greater and Lesser Antilles, but also includes the Circum-Caribbean, northern South America, and portions of Central America. Since its founding in 1961, the IACA/AICA Congress has provided an international forum for academics, amateur archaeologists, archaeological enthusiasts, and the general public to discuss issues and research in Caribbean archaeology. IACA brings together an international academic community, encourages interdisciplinary dialogue, and highlights current research regarding the prehistory and history of the Circum-Caribbean, terrestrial and marine archaeology, cultural resource management, archaeological ethics, archaeological theory, and public archaeology.

Congresses are held every two years in different Caribbean island nations. The 2017 Congress will be held in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Proceedings of each Congress are published following each meeting. A newsletter is published at 6-month intervals and is available at IACA’s website. IACA also provides comment on threats and issues, and maintains a directory of archaeologists working in the Caribbean.

Gudmand Hatt’s excavations at Salt River